Explore the compelling metrics that back business success in MoCo through talent and education, connectivity, life science and cybersecurity, diversity and sustainability. Browse the Strength In Numbers videos below and access the narrative story maps to visualize the comprehensive Montgomery County data story.

Talent & Education

Explore the most educated workforce of any County in the U.S. with a strong pipeline for recruiting future talent.

59% of County residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher

32% of County residents have post-grad degrees

#1 ranking for Maryland among states for percentage of professional/tech workers

Connectivity & Housing

Strategically connected for business across town and around the globe, with affordable housing options.

115 corporate headquarters with 100 or more employees in Montgomery County

3 close-in international airports - direct flights to 500 domestic and 50 global destinations

117 miles of track and 91 rail stops in the D.C. area’s Metro system


Discover our melting pot of cultures which leads to a diversity of people, thought and innovation.

47% of all Montgomery County businesses are women-owned

138 different languages are spoken in our public schools

1/3 of area residents are foreign born


With fast growing federal and regional opportunities, our region excels in the talent and tech needed for success.

149 cyber companies in MoCo

30,248 computer and math professionals in MoCo

#1 in Maryland for highest concentration of STEM jobs in the U.S.

Life Sciences

Home to top global life sciences leaders and emerging companies, with incredible resources and a large federal presence.

300+ BioHealth companies in MoCo

18.5 million square feet of wet lab space

#1 for Maryland in growth entrepreneurship in the U.S.


We lead by example in sustainability, forward thinking green tax credits and more to ensure a brighter, cleaner future.

1,600 regional LEED-certified commercial buildings, highest of any MSA

93,000 acres of treasured Agricultural Reserve

500 farms in Montgomery County including organic farms