Innovative Technology Thrives in Montgomery County

In today’s competitive market, Advanced Manufacturing gives companies a leading edge in business and is a growing area in Montgomery County. Advanced Manufacturers use innovative technologies and new methods to improve competitiveness in the manufacturing sectors. By adding new technology to various products and industries, the approach helps to cut production times, increase efficiency and respond quicker to market changes.



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Crossing the Gamut of Industries and Products

In Montgomery County, advanced manufacturing crosses into advanced robotics; computer aided technology; cloud computing; green technology; pharmaceuticals and medicines; wireless communications; navigational and measuring – and much more.  Traditional manufacturing is based on the use of dedicated plant and production lines with little or no flexibility. Advanced manufacturing involves versatile production methods, with a high-tech infusion, to become more efficient, effective and responsive.

Thrive in Montgomery County

The County connectivity and other assets allow companies to be very responsive in the Advanced Manufacturing sector. Our strategic location is in one of the nation’s busiest corridors, located between Boston and Atlanta with 33% of the U.S. population within an overnight drive. Baltimore’s close by deep water port features four super post-Panamax cranes and is one of the most active ports in the country.

Proximity to a large customer base including the regional life science cluster, IT and cybersecurity areas, and the Federal government

Access to major defense customers and 14 of the top 25 aerospace companies in the U.S.

Strong connectivity and transportation network including extensive highways, Class I rail lines, a first-class Metro system, 3 accessible airports and the Port of Baltimore

A highly educated workforce and specialized local programs that support Advanced Manufacturing education

World-renowned research and innovation capacity including Accelerators and Innovation Centers

The Market Opportunities are extensive, especially given the increasing convergence of digital technology and manufacturing in our region. Add in our strong use of cloud computing in manufacturing processes, and Montgomery County has a strong record of growth

As an international company doing business in over 140 countries, one of the things we value is the diversity of Montgomery County, because we can take advantage of all the language skills. We are doing business in every language known to man.

Bobby Patton, CEO, Patton Electronics

In the News with Cutting-Edge Technology and Meeting Next Gen Needs

Advanced manufacturing is regularly the news often described as the rescuer of American manufacturing as process automation becomes increasingly sophisticated. With a strong talent workforce and pipeline of skilled workers in technology and engineering, Montgomery County is a great place to thrive in the emerging Advanced Manufacturing sector. In nearby University of Maryland, there is an Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory providing state-of-the-art facilities to educate the next generation of engineers. Other local colleges and universities have programs supporting this emerging sector.

Here are some of the selected occupations that are growing in the emerging manufacturing sector:


Source: EMSI, TIP Strategies

The County’s Clear Advantage

Montgomery County has some clear advantages in Advanced Manufacturing, most closely associated with the equipment needs of aerospace, IT, and biohealth/biosciences companies. These advantages, as well as overall demand for engineered products within the existing corporate base of the region, make advanced manufacturing a strong growing sector.  There are multiple ways the County is expanding this sector, including creating co-op and internship opportunities to increase the talent pool, increasing awareness of the County’s new zoning code among Advanced Manufacturers, and raising awareness of success stories within the local manufacturing base.

And the State’s Manufacturing Story

Throughout Maryland, sixty percent of the State’s manufacturers are advanced – producing high-mix, low volume, high technology products. Using advanced materials, processes and machinery, companies develop heavily engineered, customized products such as sensors, unmanned and autonomous systems, medical devices, electronics and capital equipment.  MCEDC can help you find resources to connect you to the high-tech world of Advanced Manufacturing to improve your business efficiency and rise to the next level.


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Take advantage of Tax Credits and Financial Incentives

Generous incentives abound in Montgomery County. Find more information about tax credits, grant and loan programs, equity investment funds and more. LEARN MORE >


Rockville, Maryland

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