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              <h4>Olde Towne, Gaithersburg</h4>
              <p>Provides enhanced income tax credits for creating new jobs in the historic Olde Towne section of Gaithersburg, which spans 284 acres. The Enterprise Zone designation has helped to create new jobs and investment in the community.</p>
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              <h4>Burtonsville / Briggs Chaney</h4>
              <p>Helps encourage new investment in this Enterprise Zone along Route 29 that encompasses 231 acres, helping to revitalize the commercial district with real property and state income tax credits. Specific identified areas for incentives include the Burtonsville Town Square and the Briggs Chaney Marketplace.</p>
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              <p>The Enterprise Zone in Glenmont expands over 235 acres and was established in 2013. The additional tax credits will help to revitalize the community, generate new jobs and promote investment. The designation is helping to support several mixed-use projects in the community.</p>
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              <p>Spanning a 484-acre radius in Wheaton and established in 1998, the Enterprise Zone in Wheaton is working to attract and expand the base of downtown businesses and encourage new development and jobs through tax breaks and incentives.</p>
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              <h4>Long Branch / Takoma Park</h4>
              <p>Established as an Enterprise Zone in 2003, the Long-Branch/Takoma designation was re-approved in 2013 due to the success in helping to rejuvenate the 125-acre area. The zone helps to support redevelopment for Piney Branch Neighborhood Village and the Long Branch Town Center.</p>

Enterprise Zones

Encourage Jobs and Investment in business districts

The Enterprise Zone program is a joint effort between the state and local governments to provide tax incentives and credits to underserved areas to encourage new development, jobs and growth. The designation provides the selected areas with real property and state income tax credits for businesses. Businesses may also qualify for personal property tax credits on new investment in personal property and enhanced income tax credit for creating new jobs. Roll over the map to learn more.